“A Work in Progress”

Darsham Nurseries is a work-in-progress by David Keleel and a team of collaborators committed to creating a unique destination. First and foremost it is a plant nursery, from which many parallel endeavours have grown, all sharing a common approach to quality and a simple aesthetic.

The nursery opened in 2007 when David and his partner Willie Williams took over the near-derelict premises.

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The transformation was slow going, with seemingly endless hurdles and setbacks but by early 2014, the shop and café were opened.

The next major project was the construction of the potager (ornamental kitchen garden). This now supplies around 50% of the produce that appears on the café menu and we hope to increase this amount over time.

The potager was built around the summer house which, although it appears to have been in place for generations, was constructed in 2012 by Charlie Hawkins. Hand built with reclaimed materials and using traditional techniques, it provides a unique small venue, used for private dining as well as for art exhibitions, workshops, tutorials and even for chamber music. Outside the summer house, the porch provides a wonderful vantage point from which to survey the potager and rolling landscape beyond.

For its inaugural year, the chef at Darsham Nurseries Café was James Dodd, whose Modern British small plates gained immediate attention. Taking over as head chef in 2015, Lola Demille maintained this standard whilst introducing Middle-Eastern influences to the menu. The café continues to garner much praise both on social media and in the national press.

Darsham Nurseries Landscaping was founded in late 2015 to offer a full garden design and landscaping service. With the resources of Darsham Nurseries, we are uniquely placed to offer a range of services from regular maintenance to large landscaping projects.1

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