Peter Wylie

The Swaying Sound of the Sea

Wednesday 24th April to Sunday 26th May 2019

Artist’s Reception Sunday 28th April 2019 5pm – 7pm

These paintings are about a beach journey I often make several times a year from Lowestoft to Southwold, from one seaside town to another. They are also about another more personal journey, so where once I looked out to the horizon and imagined my father somewhere on his trawler catching fish, I now look out and imagine that across the sea, now almost empty of boats and ships, at the waters end another land begins, and on that shore the waves will be breaking under ever changing skies just as they do here. The word ‘changing’ is very significant here, as I’m surprised how many sea paintings present the water as something static, rather than the constantly evolving and transforming North Sea that I behold.

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