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Don Taylor


An exhibition of photographic work.

June 1st – 30th, 2018

Don Taylor began exploring photography as an art medium about 10 years ago when he took an Open University course in the subject.  His work was exceptionally well received and he very quickly gained a Licentiate Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society.  Since then, he has had a number of solo exhibitions in the local area.  He lives near Woodbridge with his wife, Beth, who is a textile artist.

Don is not particularly interested in the ‘correctness’ of photographic technique.  For him, the photograph is just the beginning of a long process to draw out an idea, a feeling, a perception.  It is this drawing out which characterises his work, with results that are sometimes serious, sometimes playful, frequently surreal. 

This exhibition is entitled ‘Aleph’ – a reference to the story by Jorge Luis Borges, and the title of one of the pieces on show.  The reference is an acknowledgement not only of the numerous influences upon Don’s work, but also of his interest in alternative views.  In the exhibition, we see a light bulb illumined by a kind of hyper reality; Daedalus (the Labyrinth builder) and Icarus lose their way above the clouds; a mountain scene mutates into a theatrical set; a cabbage becomes a piece of pop art. 

Don’s images invite you to look. And look again…


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