George Farrow Hawkins

New work

14th March – 21st April, 2019

“This exhibition consists of a series of paintings and drawings I have created over the last six months. Working in landscape I have repeatedly returned to the same viewpoints to experience change through the cycle of the seasons. Painting and drawing are means by which I can reach a point of comprehension of what I am seeing and in doing so I in effect isolate the personal truth of the subject. I love the process of this. In the act of observation I find that one must hold one’s gaze, and in turn their focus, softly, to locate a ‘truth’. If held too tightly or without enough attention the essence will stay obscured. It’s this balancing act that I so revel in.  I feel a joy when on occasion I am able to give myself up, as it were, to this process, to see with a clarity that is not distorted by restlessness or ego. I think above all I want my work to value a curiosity and an attempt to truly ‘listen’.”

George is from Suffolk and is currently living and working in central Scotland. He studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art and École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

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