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Shelley Nott

Golden Age in Suffolk

An Exhibition of Photographs

28th August – 6th October 2019

Shelley Nott is a fine art photographer with a growing reputation for her striking still lifes

She is absorbed in the world of slow photography.  Each of her photographs is painstakingly composed using the traditions of the classical Masters, but with a modern touch.  She is influenced by diverse artists, from the Dutch Masters Ambrosius Bosschaert and Rachel Ruysch, to Belgian Pierre-Joseph Redouté and American Georgia O’Keefe. 

She manipulates window light to tease out the beauty and texture of her subject – be it an elegant rose or a common cabbage. In each photograph she uses 21st Century techniques, but with scrupulous care and skill.

“Nature is so beautiful and I do what I can to reveal that without the use of artificial light, just as the Masters would have done,”  Shelley says, “and like those Masters, I will often include subtle messages within the photograph which may not be obvious at first glance.”

Although digitally photographed, Shelley uses her computer to perform only those tasks she would have done when in the traditional darkroom. There is no digital manipulation, the photographs are as seen through the lens.

This exhibition is the result of her continuing research in London and mainland Europe.

Shelley lives and works in East Suffolk where she also welcomes commissions, photographing clients’ favourite flowers or food to create permanent memories for their homes.

07718 585358

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