• Darsham Seeds:  Zinnia ‘Oklahoma Mix’  AGM

Darsham Seeds: Zinnia ‘Oklahoma Mix’ AGM

This is a very useful ‘mix’ and we don’t think there’s a bad colour in the lot.  Red, white, pink, orange, yellow and purple are all here.  Pick just the whites if you want a monochrome arrangement, but they never fail to delight when all the colours are together.  Sow undercover in mid-spring to June.  Plant out in a sunny spot at about 25cm apart.  They will bloom well into October giving you an endless supply of cheerful colour for indoors.  Very easy to grow.  Best in full sun and a moist well-drained soil.  Grows to about 80cm.

Darsham Seeds: Zinnia ‘Oklahoma Mix’ AGM

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Darsham Seeds:  Zinnia ‘Oklahoma Mix’  AGM

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